About Christopher G Keene

Christopher G. Keene is a young musician with a reputation for passion and energy in bringing music to the lives of everyone he meets.


He works extensively with high school, middle school, elementary and adult choruses. Most recently he directed the Maine District III Elementary Honors Festival Chorus. He is also a popular public speaker and presenter, leading community sings and presenting sessions on aural literacy and conducting at both the Massachusetts and Maine Music Educators’ Conferences.


Keene is known for his recruitment skills and in the last decade has built over a dozen ensembles from scratch, and often increases enrollment of established ensembles by 200% or more in the first year.  By relating to and connecting with people in a genuine way, a sense of community is developed, leading to dramatic growth.


Christopher is actively guest conducting and speaking nationally and is frequently featured in festivals and clinics for school, church, and community choirs.


He also maintains an active private studio of voice, piano, ear-training, and conducting students from across the country, both in person and via video conferencing.  A MENSA member, Keene also offers private math tutoring and SAT prep, helping students develop study skills and academic mastery.

Questions or comments can be posted to this blog or directed to ChristopherGKeene@gmail.com

See www.ChristopherGKeene.com for more info

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